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Does anyone have any good movie/tv series suggestions?


For those of you who don't know a dvd rip of the movie Creation was leaked. You can get it on pretty much any torrent site at this point. It's a great film.

*Aara throwing a fit* Me: Oh will you stop" Aara stops and looks at me. shakes her head and says "No" then resumes the fit. lmao!
who has room for a couple of foul mouthed hippies and their gorgeous daughters for as short a time as humanly possible?
Does anyone have any tips for securing synth dreads using weaving thread instead of rubber bands?
mani and pedi : check. Now it's dread making time! Well soon, anyway
I really want a Norwich Terrier. Expensive little buggers, though.
On the way to MOA to shop. Mall of America 2 days b4 xmas. Sounds like an interesting adventure to me!